1. Hi-tech Equipments to match with International standards.
  2. Fully functional Bio Medical Engineering Department- Ensuring uninterrupted life support.
  3. Power supply and power backup- Ensuring uninterrupted life line, and energy management systems.
  4. Dedicated and Safe water supply to critical and non-critical areas.
  5. Seamless centralized Medical gases supply technology.
  6. Round the clock CCTV surveillance and real time vigilance.

Soft Peril

  1. Professionally trained Security services ensuring round the clock safety for all
  2. At par House-keeping services ensuring the pleasing ambiance and health care safety.
  3. Food & Beverages services to satisfy patient’s and relatives needs.
  4. Affordable Lodging & Boarding for relatives.
  5. Sophisticated utilization of Information technology for prompt & precise healthcare services.
  6. Professionally trained staff in their hardcore and soft skills.
  7. Unmatched Hospitality with a tender touch of humanity.