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Shri Ram Market, Sirsa Road, Ram Nagar, Bhilai

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Ambulance: 0788- 4252222


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Sparsh Multispeciality

Equipments :-

  • RUG X –Ray
  • 3 Dental Computerized Char Unit Chair.
  • Ultra Sonic Scaler
  • Ultra Curing & light
  • Rotetary roof canal treatment machine Apex locater, Smart X-Motor
  • Autoclave Dry & Wet
  • Implant Unit.
  • Central Suction to all chair
  • Central oxygen supply to all chair
  • Medical AIR to all chair
  • RO water supply to all chair and hand wash.

Dental Treatment :-

Dental Extraction to Dental Implant.

Each and every dental treatment: RCT, FIX teeth Implant, Pyorrhea flap operation, cosmetic treatment, orthodentic treatment we can provide.